Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Political Compass. All roads lead... Left.

At least for myself, I, not completely surprisingly, found. As has been discovered on many sites, in many trappings, I decided to re-evaluate my political and economic leanings in the wake of the recent economic crisis gripping the nation. Have my views grown to differ from a younger me? Has the old adage "a twenty year old without a heart is a conservative, a forty year old without a head is a liberal" begun to tug at my soon to be 29 year old brain?

The short answer, no. I fell just about smack dab where I did when I first took the test 5 years ago. For those who are inquisitive, I fell here:
I was pleased to notice that my views placed me nearly in the same spot on the grid as Mahatma Gandhi; always a shining figure to emulate, in my own opinion (which I guess makes perfect sense...huh). What does it mean? I'll leave that for you to interpret. Are you curious as to where you fall? Do you want to see how you compare to Stalin, Hitler, and Pol Pot? Of course you do (but don't blame me if you find out you're some sort of totalitarian anarchist or some such other anachronistic train wreck). Anyway, click here to give it a go.