Wednesday, October 1, 2008


It's official. Phish are to return.

Just the utterance of those two sentences is enough to brighten the most heinous of dark days. As speculated about (by me, here and others) for the past four, count 'em, four years, Phish has announced a three night run at the fabulous Hampton Coliseum in March, 2009. Heads everywhere rejoice!

Of course, my first instinct was to immediately enter the ticket lottery and blow all of my hard earned dollars (which I did, but won't know until October 17th if I am one of the lucky), but my second instinct... well my second instinct was to immediately contact all my closest friends and family to tell them so then they could get tickets. But my third instinct was to post this blog to let my 2 readers know (even if they don't like Phish), that the presale is under way and I am an extremely happy individual*.

*Side Note: As many know, I got married this past weekend, which is the basis for all aforementioned happiness. Phish getting back together only 15 minutes from my sister's new apartment is just the vodka on top.