Friday, October 17, 2008

Cento Turns Uno

I had to heap praise on the already rapidly growing pile of Bar Cento and Jonathon Sawyer for their fabulously inexpensive recent anniversary celebration. Hard to believe it's been a year hence from the first waft of frites and pizzas drawing Bier Markt customers like lemmings over a cliff to the new establishment. Even harder to believe is that we're so lucky to have a place like this on the near West Side. I can remember peering through the windos at Bier Markt with Katie, fogging up the glass as we spoke with anticipation about what exactly we thought they might do with the space. Our ideas and expectations have been exceeded.
The hot and happening kitchet at Bar Cento makes some wicked grub.

Last Thursday, Cento offered a fabulous deal: buy a bottle of wine, get a pizza for free. With some subconscious level of disbelief we stepped through the doors and were almost instantly whisked to a cozy two-top just outside of the open kitchen. We ordered the house red (sorry, beer's my bag, not the vino), and the Sunnyside, the utterly delectable crispy melange of pancetta, fried (or in this case, baked) egg, and plenty of cheese and black pepper. End result; delicious dinner, slight buzz, wallet only $20 lighter. Not bad for one of the best restaurants in Cleveland. If you haven't been, do yourself a favor and go, right this minute... seriously, close your browser, log off, and get in your car.

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