Friday, September 12, 2008

Wanna Support a Good Cause? C'mon, You Know You Do.

Our good friend Dave McDermott, currently serving as a wonderful counterweight to the Bush administration for the Peace Corps in Cameroon, alerted us to an upcoming festival aimed at "increas[ing] awareness among the population of Batibo of Peace Corps and its mission; to showcase the culture of the Moghamo people for visiting Peace Corps volunteers; to encourage the use of volunteers as resources for development within the community; and to sensitize and educate the population in the areas of health, agroforestry, business, and HIV/AIDS through animations given by volunteers on topics such as nutrition, soybeans, AIDS prevention, and appropriate technology irrigation." So, in a nutshell, it's something far more noble and valuable to people than what we are all doing this weekend.

I don't know exactly what these "animations" are, but with Dave involved, I'm guessing they're poignant, educational, and possibly acerbically funny. Anyway, there is additional information on the Peace Corps website. 'Why would I look this up?' you're asking yourself? Because you can also donate a few bucks for the cause. You can spare a few bucks to help a good guy along in his mission for the Peace Corps in Africa, right? And besides, how could you not after being entertained by this picture of him (in his pre-public service in Africa days):

Service to country...Dave McDermott, we salute you.