Friday, February 13, 2009

Clinic Signs Clinic - Healthcare-less Yawn.

*Note: Staff diversity not representative of market base
Some (potentially good) news on the health front today from Crain's. The Cleveland Clinic, the health care behemoth slowly ingesting Midtown, has signed a deal with MinuteClinic, the mini-medical clinics located within many CVS stores. The in-store clinics will provide certified medical personnel overseen by Medical Directors at the Cleveland Clinic. "Great!" I thought, "with the cutbacks at MetroHealth and other facilities, this will provide citizens of Cleveland with a local, convenient, and inexpensive option for basic medical care!"

Not so fast... Reading on, I discovered that there are currently eight MinuteClinics within CVS stores in the state of Ohio. Surely there is a recognition of the utter deficiency of medical care outlets within major metropolitan areas, right? Where literally thousands of underserved and low-wage earning people would benefit, right?


The list, as noted in the article: Chagrin Falls, Aurora, Hinkley, Strongsville, Twinsburg, Westlake, Woodmere, and Shaker Heights. Granted, the last two are 'on the fringe' of Cleveland-proper. Mapped out connect the dot-style, the locations look like an actual wall separating the richer suburbs from 'the dangerous city'. What a crock. I would bet that the population densities in the Cleveland area CVS neighborhoods are greater than in the suburban locations where there are already considerable options for medical care.

I know I certainly wouldn't be opposed to one in the Lorain Station neighborhood. Or perhaps they don't think that area residents would be interested in their services; like ear wax removal for $59. However, other services, like low-cost vaccinations and treatment for minor injuries by MinuteClinic's "team of board-certified practitioners... trained to diagnose, treat and write prescriptions" could be a nice addition to the neighborhood.

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