Saturday, January 17, 2009

The Grandeur of the Bush White House: a Memoir

So I stumbled upon a surprisingly intimate and personal look at the White House under George W. Bush.

That statement could be followed by anything from, say: 'I was reading the memoirs of the Secretary of Defense'.... or, 'on the news they interviewed the White House Butler, who has worked there for 35 years'... But no.

In actuality, that statement is followed by: a gay dude from Yale who is drinking buddies with Barbara Bush (the daughter, not the first lady) gets invited to the White House for dinner, and proceeds to have a perfectly lovely evening that in retrospect sounds absolutely bizarre.

Interested? I thought you might be. Click here.

If you haven't taken the jump yet and are still reading, I'll say this: I find the memories and impressions of this particular person a rather insouciant but telling peek into the world of Bush that we rarely see. Behind the Secret Service and pre-arranged photo ops, even dismissing the grandeur of the most famous residence in the world, he is a common man. Typically, this is a 'salt of the earth' sort of compliment, but that's not what I mean. I mean he seems frightfully disinterested and intellectually challenged, which I guess is actually a slight on 'common men' everywhere... and for that, I apologize.

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