Wednesday, December 17, 2008

A Devilish Development

Eastsiders and Westsiders alike can rejoice in the recent opening of a new brewery in tropical Cleveland! Perhaps the location on East 36th can help bridge the ever-growing gap over the St. Clair/Ontario line. Indigo Imp, a production brewery start up has released two seasonal beers for the parched Cleveland market. Rumors have been floating through the internets for many months regarding the brewery, and now the veil has been lifted.

According to the site: "There are two initial release beers from Indigo Imp. Both are naturally carbonated, unfiltered, un-pasteurized, Real Ales. The first is Blonde Bombshell, an American blonde ale with a smooth malty taste, moderate hop bitterness, and slightly fruity and nutty aftertaste. The second is Winter Solstice, a deep amber, full bodied ale, brewed with four different malts, Cascade hops and just enough orange peel and cinnamon to be Impishly delicious. Throughout the year, we will offer a variety of seasonal beers and special release beers in an array of styles."

Watch out GLBC, there's a new contender on the block. And REAL ALE?!? Now that's something to get excited about*... According to the website, the brews are available at basically all Northeast Ohio Heinen's stores, as well as at the brewery. I think with this morning's closing of Cleveland State because of a water main break, the fates are aligning. TIME FOR A FIELD TRIP!!!

It's a (pre-) Festivus miracle!

*For those of you interested: "Real Ale is the very first kind of beer that was produced in sealed containers. It is a beer that has been naturally carbonated in the container from which it is served... Newly fermented beer is placed in the cask with a small amount of priming sugar or unfermented beer and then sealed with a bung. During the next weeks, a secondary fermentation takes place in the cask and the resulting carbon dioxide is absorbed into the beer giving the beer natural carbonation."

Nothing like beer sealed with a bung...

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