Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Random Meanderings

No, that's not what you think it is.

Lacking a substantial issue or event to comment upon this past week, I thought that in the interest of timely postings I would cover a few disparate topics and see what develops...

1. The Democratic Primary - I understand democracy, I understand proportional delegation, I understand that this contest will inevitably continue to gouge out the hearts of democrats across the country. I just despise it more and more every day.

Four months ago people across the country were literally undecided when it came down to Clinton or Obama (or Edwards for that matter). I find it ridiculously hard to believe that there exist any real 'undecideds' out there with the brow beating we have all endured of late.

Indiana to Hillary, North Carolina to Barack... and on and on it goes.

2. The Cleveland Indians - They scored 15 times more runs last night than they did in the entire series previous (or something to that effect). C.C. didn't give up a run and struck out everyone but the bat boy (who we all know he would've totally embarrassed up there).

3. Division III Lacrosse - Quinn was named NCAC Player of the Week this past week after scoring 5 goals on five attempts (in one game) and sticking a last second shot to send Denison into Double OT and on to an eventual victory. Glad to see she's keeping the Simmons' athletic legacy on firm footing...or just really establishing it for the first time...

4. Hop Fest at Buckeye Beer Engine - this past weekend in Lakewood. 'Randall The Enamel Animal' from the scientists at Dogfish Head was on hand to infuse the already uninhibited IBU content of the brews with even more tongue lashing bitterness (see image above). 90 Minute on Randall equals something like 120 Minute??? Ohioans may never know (unless they fork over exorbitant prices on Ebay)...

5. The Cleveland Cavaliers - game 2; now that was as thorough a beatdown as I have ever seen in playoff basketball. Watching that made me want to punch Rasheed Wallace in the face (although that's always sort of in the back of my mind). I know he plays for Detroit, but everyone on the Wizards had already been emasculated by the third quarter.