Monday, April 28, 2008

E-Enterprises Coming Up Roses

A refreshing story from today's Plain Dealer details the success a relatively new charter school has had, as well as the limited partnership it has developed with the Cleveland Municipal School District. Sparing you the details and allowing you to check it out yourself (link above), I write about this for three reasons.

1. I worked in the same building with the Entrepreneurship Preparatory School while working at the Entrepreneurial Academy and alongside Entrepreneurs 4 Sustainability (you can imagine the confusion of visitors trying to figure out which office door to knock on). Unfortunately for me, I chose the slow horse, as both E-Prep and E4S are now thriving. The E-Academy was forced to pull up stakes (though I don't believe I'm far off when I surmise that it was the Executive Director's ambitions, and not our lack of service, that spelled the end of our tenure).

2. Anything positive in the realm of Cleveland education is deserving of a mention.

3. I am not, by and large, a supporter of charter schools, but have seen this operation first hand and am consistently impressed with the order, instruction, discipline and respect from and for all parties. As one of the aforementioned "3E" organizations in the ShoreBank building during 2006 and 2007, my initial assumptions of a third-rate corporate excuse for a school (see White Hat) were proven delightfully inaccurate. The students I saw, from the terminal East side mind you, were respectful, thoughtful and polite; a far cry from the reality outside ShoreBank's gated parking lot.