Friday, March 21, 2008

The Best Damn Beer in the Land

It occurred to me while gazing upon's top 50 list that though I have been known to occasionally partake in a delicious craft beer or two, I have been seriously slacking in my horizon broadening. Lately, as noted in previous posts, the IPA's have their way with me, taunting me from the cooler shelves, flaunting their ridiculously high IBU contents. But, I have made a vow that starting today, I will take every opportunity to enjoy the wonders of the brewing world... the stouts, the porters, the lambics and wheats, the barleywines, dopplebocks and... well, everything but lagers I guess. Sorry, I'm just not a lager guy.

But, back to the list. For instance, I've only enjoyed 2 of the top 10 beers represented. Travesty, I know. I've had a strong desire to venture over to Three Floyd's in late April the past few years for the famed and mystical 'Dark Lord Day', but have yet to make the trek. One of these years...

The crux of the matter is that most of these beers aren't available in Ohio, or I just don't know the right people (side note: if a reader happens to be one of these "right people" please leave a comment with your immediate contact information). Anyway, of all the beers I've had from the top 25 above, my favorite, head and shoulders above the rest is the Bells Bourbon Barrel Double Cream Expedition Stout

To paraphrase that old dude from the Smucker's commercial: 'With a name like Bells Bourbon Barrel Double Cream Expedition Stout, it has to be good'.

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