Wednesday, April 22, 2009

My First Start-Up

I realize I've been slacking a bit with the blogging (to your utter dismay I'm sure), but I have a good reason. I'm putting together the requisite materials to open my own business. What will it be, you ask?
NoCoToCo will offer excursions based upon differing themes throughout the Midwest (and beyond, eventually). Interested in beer, perhaps? Have a free weekend and want to get away? Well, consider this:

Three days, a chartered bus with all the amenities. Start at the eminent Great Lakes Brewery in Ohio City, where we lay out the itinerary and enjoy a toast to the weekend fun to come. First stop is Ann Arbor (the enemy's lair, I know) for lunch and a tour of Jolly Pumpkin Brewing Company, then on to Kalamazoo for dinner and a rendezvous at my beloved Bell's. An evening free to your leisure, overnight in a three to four star hotel, and on to Munster, Indiana in the morning. There we visit Three Floyd's Brewing Company, crafter of the immensely popular Dark Lord Imperial Stout. After some lunch and a few libations, it onward to Chi-town for some fun at Goose Island Brewing Company and a Cubs game. After the game enjoy a free evening in Chicago and another night at a superior hotel. Sunday we board the bus and roll home sweet home by 5:00 p.m.; refreshed and rejuvenated. Sound good? I thought so too.

There will be other themed trips available as well, for antique lovers, oenophiles, or sports fans. How about a trip with 15 of your closest friends to an away Browns game and a designated ride all the way home? As I said, I'm working on the details, and will have more information in the near future. I would certainly appreciate any feedback you might provide; shoot me an email if you're so inclined.

Also, in a related note, there is a Future of Cleveland party this evening (April 22nd) at the beautifully restored Fenn Tower on the campus of Cleveland State University. Cool Cleveland, the sponsor of the event, bills the event as follows:
"While enjoying open bar and tasty appetizers, you'll discuss Cleveland's future with eight of CSU's executives-in-residence - top experts recruited from business, law, technology, politics, education and more - where you can pick their brains for career advice and make valuable connections."
See and be seen!

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