Tuesday, November 4, 2008

My Twin, Karl Rove...(shudder)

The one and only time I will say and mean: "Go Blue!"

I was surprised and mildly nauseated when I referenced the latest update on CNN's Political Ticker. Karl Rove, the literal dark underbelly of the Bush political machine, posted his prediction of the state by state results on his site, which in fact is an exact mirror image of my own prediction, filled out on October 10th. I have a few concerns, notably Florida, Ohio, and Indiana having seen polling numbers of the past three weeks. But I thought, ah, screw it, it would make for an early and satisfying evening should these predictions hold true. If I wind up jinxing this thing feel free to tar and feather at your discretion.

For those keeping score at home: Obama, 338, McCain, 200 (knock on wood...)

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