Tuesday, June 17, 2008

A Feast at Light Bistro and Katie's Big Bon Voyage

After a thoroughly enjoyable going away party on Friday evening, replete with Swedish meatballs, good friends and far more alchohol than is recommended by the Surgeon General, Katie and I enjoyed a leisurely Saturday, preparing for her big adventure to Peru. In anticipation of this, I made a reservation at Ohio City's Light Bistro, one of the tastiest spots in Ohio City to celebrate her opportunity and enjoy some seriously good eats.

We sat at a tiny two top in betwixt a weird couple and some co-workers who had apparently been waiting all year to vent.

After our initial choice of Grilled Ostrich in an Asian Glaze was deemed unavailable by our flighty and entirely distracted waitress, we opted for a dinner of tapas, five in all. What ensued can only be described as one of the most gastronomically satisfying meals (not prepared by my Mom or Grandma) in my life. What, perchance, made it so delectably delicious? You can explore the menu yourself online, but I must say it's far tastier in person. Some highlights included the Cuba Libre Braised Pork Belly, a small cut of the most melt in your mouth meat you will ever enjoy (have it before you die for sure), the bacon-cured foie gras, absolutely indulgent, and the udon noodles in miso dashi, which actually were an accompaniment to the slightly less than stellar BBQ Moullard Duck Breast.

Sunday was departure day. Katie loaded up her 98 pounds of checked luggage (with two pounds to spare), we made sure Visa and Passport were firmly in hand, said goodbye to The Mayor and headed to Hopkins. I'm happy to report that she is firmly rooted on the Andean plain as we speak, participating in some alpaca related activity and gazing out on Mount Misti.
I've got to admit, it beats the Mittal Steel Plant hands down...

Only a few short weeks and I will be winging my way to Arequipa, which I'm sure will surprise some of you to know that it looks not like this:

but like this: